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Klinik Medicentral is owned by Medicentral Healthcare Sdn Bhd (1305628-K).

It is founded by two lady doctors whom are dedicated to ensure quality of care is at its best. The clinic has been established since March 2019.


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    Geriatric Care / Elderly Care

    • Memory assessment for elderly
    • Holistic approach for elederly care

    Mental Health

    • Stress disorder
    • Sleep disorder
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Mental health assessment


    • Acne
    • Eczema
    • Skin infection treatment
    • Psoriasis treatment

    Sexual Transmitted Disease Screening and Treatment

    • HIV screening
    • Sexual Transmitted Blood test
    • Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatment

    Minor Surgery

    • Glu stitch ( no sutures)
    • Toilet and suturing
    • Incision and drainage
    • Warts removal
    • Circumcision

    Chronic Health Follow up ; Asthma, Hypertension

    • Medication Prescription
    • Regular follow up check up

    Musculoskeletal : Pain management, Knee Injection / Joint injections

    • Pain management injection
    • Knee injection - Hyaluronic acid injections
    • Assessment of shoulder, back and knee problems

    Child Health and Immunization

    • Newborn and monthly assessment for infant and toddlers
    • Growth and weight assessment
    • Childhood vaccination ( compulsory and additional vaccination)

    Family Planning

    • Hormonal pills for family planning
    • IUCD Insertion/ Removal
    • Implanon Insertion / Removal
    • Injectables Hormone

    Women’s Health

    • Breast examination
    • HPV-DNA Pap smear
    • Hormonal screening for ladies
    • Vaginal Swab C&S / Speculum examination
    • Pelvic Ultrasound

    Pregnancy Check up and Ultrasound

    • Early pregnancy screening
    • Follow up for pregnant lady
    • Ultrasound 2D/4D available
    • Maternal Glucose Screening
    • Maternal blood test and check up
    • Determine risk of pregnancy
    • Genetic Screening For Infant


    • Covid -19 Screening :
      1. Rapid Test Kit Antigen Nasal Swab
      2. PCR Test
      3. Neutralising Antibody Test
    • Covid-19 Vaccinations :
      1. Adult vaccination/ Booster under Protect Health Programme
      2. Children Pick Kids Programme
    • Covid Assessment Centre ( CAC)
      - We are authorised selected clinic for assessment
    • Covid-19 infected patients
      - We determine stages of Covid-19 and assist for urgent
    • Post Covid-19 Care
      - Provide screening and follow up for patient infected with Covid-19

    Wound Dressing Services

    • Modern Wound Dressing
    • Bed sores dressing
    • Diabetic Foot Wound Dressing

    Lab Test / Point of Care Testing

    Minilab available in clinic

    • Full Blood Count Machine
    • Urine analyser
    • Total Serum Bilirubin / Jaundice blood test machine
    • Point of Care Testing :
      1. Urine for drug / pregnancy test
      2. Glucometer
      3. Dengue Test, Influenza , HIV Test
    • Other blood test will be send to our partnered lab

    Medical Check up / Screening

    • General Health Screening
    • Pre-employment medical check-up
    • Pre-university medical check up
    • Pre-marital screening
    • Hormonal blood test check up
    • Urine for drugs
    • Driver special licencing check up
    • Wellness blood test screening
    • Allergic test blood test